Can you get rich this way?

Have you heard that you can earn a crown on your hair? If not, you are not alone. I also did not know it until recently. But as a student I'm catching up and trying to make a crown. I can't still rely on my parents ' pocket money. It's not easy nowadays. They usually do overtime, do not know what is free weekend and are equally unable to save almost anything. Today's time is quite bad. Not that the parents were wrong to learn, No. They're both college students. But nowadays they are happy for every job. In other words, they take what you can.
Pocket money
Sometimes I get pocket money, but unfortunately it's not too much. I will receive about CZK 500 a month, but nowadays I can hardly afford it. I was trying to find some kind of brigade. But since I'm not yet an adult, I guess I'm bad luck. So far, I've never succeeded. I decided to sell off my hair for making a wig. I have at least something like that.