Mácha Lake

Karel Hynek Mácha liked to visit Mácha's Lake, formerly called the Great Dokeský Pond. He got a pond of his name today. Visit this region and you to enjoy a great holiday with your whole family and friends. For example, you can stay in bungalows in Staré Slapech.
Mácha's lake is closely connected with Karel Hynkem Mácha. You can go to the educational trail and learn uninteresting information. In Doksy there is a museum and a monument to Karel Hynek Mácha. It is located in the oldest surviving house of Doks. The monument of Karel Hynek Mácha is located in front of the local elementary school.
Museum and statue
The museum is a memorial hall of Karel Hynek Mácha. Mácha's lake and its surroundings are certainly worth a visit. You can visit nice places and sights in the area, enjoy a variety of sports, and also have a pleasant swim and refresh.