When the Sun Boes and you are looking for a shadow

The systems of pre-roll roller blinds from the form ROLLO S. R. O. Offer you the highest quality, both materials and properties at a great price. The planks for the pre-roller blinds are made of aluminium and are filled with insulating PUR foam.
Shutters have additional properties in addition to thermal. They provide sound insulation and prevent light from entering the room. It won't happen to you that the car was waking you up at night, or the voices of passers-by. They are also very durable and provide great protection against the weather in the windows.
Premium Thermal Properties
The pre-flight blinds from our company Excel with their thermal insulation properties. Thanks to them you save up to 40% of the price for heating the building in winter and in summer it prevents the penetration of an unpleasant heat from outside inside. All thanks To the unique insulation system and quality of workmanship.